Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Letter from Our Research Library Archives

Dear Johnny,

Well here we are at last! Bet you have been cussing us for not writing sooner. You should know a lot of new cuss words by now but we didn’t get your letter until Thursday night after we got home from town. Then had to rush off to the 4-H. Then we kept thinking you might come over Sat—But no Johnny—am sure sorry kid you’re having such a tough time with your bubbles. How long do you have to take those shots? Bet there is a red headed nurse in that office and we won’t be seeing much of you—but take it easy kid—Momma will tell you all about the birds and bees some day… When do you think you will be over? Don’t make it to long, huh? Thanks for missing us. That makes it even… Hope you can read this. Write soon.

Love from all

This letter was written to John Jury in 1948 by his sister Marlene, who signed many of her letters with the nickname “Honeypot.” Marlene lived in Murphy with her and Johnny’s parents, while Johnny was residing in Ashland.

It is unclear why Johnny was in Ashland, but Marlene frequently mentions her hopes that Johnny get well from his “bubbles.” Perhaps he was in Ashland to recover from a bout with chronic, recurring boils, which are skin abscesses caused by bacteria or in some cases, inflammation of the sweat glands.

Post Submitted by Karreen Busch

Source: Letter from Marlene to John Jury, 1948. SOHS Research Library Archives.

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