Monday, July 18, 2011

Weddings from the Archives - July Newsletter

http//www.sohs.orgThe theme for July's newsletter was historical weddings. Wedding pictures and certificates were made available from the Research Library. The library has 2,897 original marriage certificates. Some are simple handwritten notes while others are very fancy documents written in beautiful script.

One of the weddings featured was that of L. O. Walker and his lovely bride, Millie Pearl Hodges. They were married in Jacksonville, Oregon December 14, 1916. A couple of pages of Millie's diary (called a Daylogue) were copied and transcribed by the membership director, Joanna Loops.

It read as follows:
"Dec. 14-Married to-day at 12 o'clock to L.O. Walker at Jacksonville by Rev. Roft Hutchison, Methodist Minister. Papa took us all to Med and we stopped on our way home at Eva's also. [sic] studio had pictures taken. L.O. and I over to Davidson's this eve-still packing. Letters from Aunt Minnie & Metta.
Letters to Metta, Nora, also a piece of cake to Nora. We got home at 2pm.
Letter to Aunt Minnie.
Wore my blue suit-a bunch of violets. Hattie made the cake. We had dinner about two. Just mama, the girls, and Ralph to the wedding."
Millie had inserted a violet from her wedding bouquet between the pages ... that's a very dry pressed flower. . .
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